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Q. Why should I come to a clinic?

A. The majority of smokers need to remove all doubt and uncertainty of being a smoker in one easy step, which they will achieve during this one session because:

  • There is a money back guarantee, which is not available with the published material. We even refund you the price of your Allen Carr book if you bring it to your session!

  • The result is immediate for you. You quit there and then with the certainty you have all the tools to ensure that you never have any desire to smoke ever again.

  • You may ask questions as they arise, to which you will get a straight, live answer from someone who was in the same “Smoking Prison” as yourself, and who escaped the same prison with the Allen Carr key!

  • You will be given a strategy to help you break down and remove fears and doubts which in the past sucked you back into the temptation of smoking. This is done by using the powerful psychology aimed at your conscious mind, and further reinforced at the end of the session by the hypnotherapy. You will, however, be a happy non-smoker even before the hypnotherapy.

  • You will be able to share your smoking experience (if you wish) with other smokers, and realise you are not the only one with fears and doubts.

  • Although you will receive everything you need from this one session to remain a happy non smoker for life, if necessary you can take advantage of the free booster sessions and telephone support. Only a minority of clients ever need this, but it is there as a safety net for you.

Q. How do the sessions work?

A. The presentation of the Allen Carr’s Easyway method at the clinics is the same world wide. Smokers are treated in small groups of 12 -18 people. The success of the Easyway clinics is due to the format, where the highly trained therapist individualises the method to address each smoker’s individual needs. Throughout the five hour session, the therapist delivers the Easyway Method in an interactive form, ensuring that at each stage every smoker has understood and accepted what has been said and all their doubts and queries have been answered. You are allowed to smoke throughout the session up until you smoke your last and final cigarette.

Q. What keeps a smoker hooked?

A. Fear!! Fear that the smoker will have to give up their pleasure or crutch. Fear that the smoker will not be able to enjoy life or handle stress. Fear that the smoker will have to go through some awful trauma to get free. Fear that the smoker will never get completely free from the craving.
Smokers quit with the Allen Carr method as happy non-smokers, not feeling deprived but with a huge sense of relief and elation that they have finally achieved what they have always wanted……. TO BE FREE!!

Q. What about the terrible withdrawal pangs from nicotine?

A. The physical withdrawal from nicotine is so slight most smokers don’t realise they are addicts. What smokers suffer when they try to quit using other methods is the misery and depression caused by the belief that they are being deprived of a pleasure or a crutch. The Allen Carr method removes the need and desire to smoke. Once the smoker is in the right frame of mind and they follow our simple instructions, the physical withdrawal from nicotine is hardly noticeable.

Q. What aids do you use?

A. NONE! We do not use any gimmicks, useless aids or substitutes. No nicotine gum, patches, lozenges, tabs, inhalers or nasal sprays! No needles! No lasers! No drugs! No herbs! No shock treatment!

Q. Why is the Allen Carr method so successful?

A. We remove the smoker’s conflict of will – There are no bad withdrawal pangs – It is instantaneous and easy – It is equally effective for long term heavy smokers and light smokers – You need not gain weight – You will not miss smoking.

Q. How many people are in one session?

A. We try and have groups of between 12 and 18 people as we have discovered that this gives the best group dynamic.

Q. Will I have to say anything?

A. Not if you don’t want to! There are plenty of opportunities to ask questions throughout the session and there are frequent checkpoints to ensure that everyone understands all of the points being raised. It’s completely up to you as to how much interaction you want with the therapist.

Q. Do I have to bring anything?

A. Your cigarettes and lighter! There will be ample smoking breaks throughout the session, so please ensure that you bring enough cigarettes and a lighter with you.

Q. How can I book a session?

A. Contact Rob!

Q. My friend lives out of the area, are there any other clinics in the UK?

A. Yes! Please see our other clinics

Q. I still have some questions how do I get in touch?

A. Contact Rob!

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